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Whether you need to charge your smartphone, tablet or other devices around the home, the charge station is a great solution for powering all those devices simultaneously. Featuring 4 smart USB charging ports, individual LED lights indicate charging status and a built-in LED night light.The charge station’s attractive modern design will look great on any surface and its removable cord makes the station a great travel companion. Smart technologydelivers optimal amperage and stops charging whenthe device is full.


• LED touch sensor table light.
• Charges phones and tablets.
• Smart Technology: delivers optimal amperage and stops charging when the device is full.

Product Specs

Product Color Black &White
Cord Length 8 ft.
Guage N/A
Certification CETL
Ratings Input voltage:100-240V, 50-60Hz
Output Power: 5V, 4.8A
Package Type Color Box
Inner Pack 1
Case Pack 5




Whether you need to charge your smartphone, tablet or other devices around the home, the charge station is a great solution for powering all those devices simultaneously. Featuring 4 smart USB charging ports, individual LED lights indicate charging status and a built-in LED night light.The charge station’s attractive modern design will look great on any surface and its removable cord makes the station a great travel companion. Smart technologydelivers optimal amperage and stops charging whenthe device is full.


• LED touch sensor table light.
• Charges phones and tablets.
• Smart Technology: delivers optimal amperage and stops charging when the device is full.

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Rated 2.51 out of 5 stars
2112 reviews
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