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Protect your valuable devices from power surges.


• 8 Grounded outlets with 2 USB Ports 3.1 Amp total.
• 3 Grounded transformer outlets.
• On/off switch with resettable 125V/15A circuit breaker.
• 3000J Surge suppression.
• 1 pair In/Out Coaxial Type “F” Connection.
• Phone/fax/DSL connections (RJ11).
• 4ft 14/3 AWG power cord.
• Protection indicator light.


Product Specs

Product Color White
Cord Length 4 ft.
Guage AWG 14/3 SJT
Certification CETL
Ratings 125VAC / 60Hz / 15A / 1875W | Total Energy Distribution: 3000J | USB Output: 5VDC (3.1A)
Package Type Color Box with Spot UV
Inner Pack 1
Case Pack 4


Protect your valuable devices from power surges.


• 8 Grounded outlets with 2 USB Ports 3.1 Amp total.
• 3 Grounded transformer outlets.
• On/off switch with resettable 125V/15A circuit breaker.
• 3000J Surge suppression.
• 1 pair In/Out Coaxial Type “F” Connection.
• Phone/fax/DSL connections (RJ11).
• 4ft 14/3 AWG power cord.
• Protection indicator light.


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