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6-Outlet Power Strip
• 6 grounded outlets.
• On/off switch with resettable 125V/15A circuit breaker.
• Mounting keyholes on back for easy hanging.
• 2.5ft AWG 14/3 SJT vinyl cord.
• Rated: 125VAC/60Hz/15A/1875W

3-Outlet Extension Cord
• Sliding safety cover on outlet helps to protect against shock or harm.
• 5ft AWG 16/2 SPT-2 vinyl cord.
• Rated: 125VAC/60Hz/13A/1625W

6-Outlet Grounded Wall Adapter
• Convert single outlet to 6 grounded outlets.
• Rated: 125VAC/60Hz/15A/1875W

3-Outlet Grounded Wall Adapter
• Convert single outlet to 3 grounded outlets.
• Rated: 125VAC/60Hz/15A/1875W

Night Light
• Integrated LED Night Light with built-in light sensor automatically turns on with the absence of light.


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Product Specs

Product Color White
Cord Length Power Strip: 2.5 ft. | Extension Cord: 5 ft.
Guage Power Strip: AWG 14/3 SJTW | Extension Cord: 16/2 SPT-2
Certification CETL / CUL
Ratings Power Strip: 125VAC/60Hz/15A/1875W | Extension Cord: 125VAC/60Hz/13A/1625W | Wall Adapters: 125VAC/60Hz/15A/1875W | Night Light: 120VAC / 50/60Hz / 0.2W
Package Type Clamshell
Inner Pack 4
Case Pack 8



6-Outlet Power Strip
• 6 grounded outlets.
• On/off switch with resettable 125V/15A circuit breaker.
• Mounting keyholes on back for easy hanging.
• 2.5ft AWG 14/3 SJT vinyl cord.
• Rated: 125VAC/60Hz/15A/1875W

3-Outlet Extension Cord
• Sliding safety cover on outlet helps to protect against shock or harm.
• 5ft AWG 16/2 SPT-2 vinyl cord.
• Rated: 125VAC/60Hz/13A/1625W

6-Outlet Grounded Wall Adapter
• Convert single outlet to 6 grounded outlets.
• Rated: 125VAC/60Hz/15A/1875W

3-Outlet Grounded Wall Adapter
• Convert single outlet to 3 grounded outlets.
• Rated: 125VAC/60Hz/15A/1875W

Night Light
• Integrated LED Night Light with built-in light sensor automatically turns on with the absence of light.


Instructions :


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Rated 2.49 out of 5 stars
572 reviews
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