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• Easy to install, simply plug in and convert 2 single outlets to 3 polarized outlets.
• Swivels, allowing you to place furniture flush against the wall power cord.

Product Specs

Product Color Beige
Cord Length N/A
Guage N/A
Certification CETL
Ratings Power Supply: 125VAC/60Hz/15A/1875W
Package Type Blister Card
Inner Pack 8
Case Pack 24



• Easy to install, simply plug in and convert 2 single outlets to 3 polarized outlets.
• Swivels, allowing you to place furniture flush against the wall power cord.

Customers' review

Rated 2.52 out of 5 stars
1855 reviews
5 stars 15 0 %
4 stars 482 25 %
3 stars 437 23 %
2 stars 458 24 %
1 star 446 24 %

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